Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Hi Guys
 I Was Hoping To Start Work On New Updates Last Week Ready For This Week Or Next. BUT For Some Strange Reason My CPU Is Overheating & Shutting Down My PC Whenever I Make Videos Past The 3min Mark. So I Bought A New CPU Freezer Fan To Hopefully Fix The Problem. However The Fan Came Today & Does Not Fit On My Motherboard (& Yes They Did Say It Would Fit, Im Not Stupid lol). So Iv Sent Them A Message & Waiting On A Reply. Im Hoping They Have A Bracket That Will Fit Within My PC So I Can Make It Work. If It Dosnt Then I Dont Know What I Will Do. I Will Keep You Informed :)


 CPU Fan Is Now Fitted So I Can Start Work On New Updates. I Will Let You Know The Date Of New Updates SOON!