Sunday, 19 April 2015

Gift Voucher

Hi Guys
 Im looking for your help. Has you know i always keep an eye out for the latest GayTimes & Attitude Mags. Well has some of you know when you buy them from you can get behind the scenes videos from the nude shoots. So im looking for someone to log in & Buy me a voucher ( so i can buy the copy's i think we should get or someone that has all ready bought them & Send me the videos. I never ask for anything from you guys & Anyone that is willing to do this i will be very grateful. If you think you can do this then just send me an email (


Hi Guys
 Well iv managed to upload all of 2015 video clips to SendSpace. This means everything posted in 2015 is now back online.

Other News
I have made a new section in the Forum where you can request Re-Uploads of files before 2015. Just go to that section & Say what it is you are wanting re-uploading & When i have the time i will upload it. This is very time consuming so please only request one TV Show or A Film at a time & Wait for a reply saying its been uploaded before requesting another Show/Film.

I will be back with the new update this coming Sunday. So enjoy your week & I will see you Sunday. Oh Yes & Happy Easter :)



Saturday, 31 August 2013