Saturday, 28 March 2015

Mega Account Suspended (UPDATED)

Hi Guys
 My Mega Account has been Suspended due to Copyright Infringement. So that means everything all ready online now has no videos. I dont know of any other servers that allow me to upload my files so i will be looking around. You can comment below with any ideas of servers that can store my files. Has things stand at the moment there will be no new updates till i can find a secure server for my files. BarbwireX

[UPDATE] I have decided to go back to SendSpace. The reason i left SendSpace in the first place is because they delete inactive files after 30 days & I was forever re-uploading files. But i have looked around & I just dont have the time to find a more perfect one so because i know SendSpace works i will go back to it. Because my upload speed is limited the files will take a wile to re-upload so over the next week i will be focusing on just uploading all the files for 2015, I know this is a pain because it was not so long ago i managed to move all the files over to Mega (A total of just over 40 gigabits). All been well i should be back with new updates in two weeks time. BarbwireX

Saturday, 31 August 2013